Actuador Neumatico – Serie 79

Actuador electrico Serie 92

Product Description

Series 79 Pneumatic Actuator



Series 79 P: Type: Double Piston, Double Rack and Pinion

Bodies: Aluminum, Glass-filled Polyamide, and 316 ss Torque: 59 to 40,710 in-lbs.

Models– Air-to-Air

Spring Return (Fail Open)

Spring Return (Fail Closed)

Air Supply: 60psi – 120psi

Air Connections: 1/4″ NPT

Mounting Dim.: ISO and NAMUR

Standard Features

• Actuator body and end caps constructed of glass- filled polyamide (PAG), aluminum encompassed in atwo-part cataphoresis and Rilsan finish, or 316 stainless steel

• Double piston, double rack and pinion

• ISO valve mounting pattern

• ISO Female star output drive

• NAMUR accessory mounting pattern

• 80psi (recommended) to 120psi (maximum) filtered air supply

• Spring return models have cataphoresis coating, or chromium passivation for spring protection


• Sizing for low air supply pressure (60psi)

• Direct mount NAMUR solenoids in various type and voltage ratings (solenoids piped in a closed loop design)

• NAMUR double limit switches in various type and voltage ratings

• NAMUR pneumatic positioners (3-15psi)

• NAMUR electro-pneumatic positioners (4-20mA)

• Limit switch or transmitter available for positioners

• Bus systems

• Available in air-to-air (double acting) and air-to-spring (single acting, or spring return fail safe) models

• Position indication through visible indicator knob

• Actuator shaft constructed of cataphoresis coated steel or stainless steel with double O-ring seals top and bottom

• End position adjustable travel stops (aluminum and 316 stainless steel models only)

• Polyacetal or PTFE/bronze piston guides

• Self-lubricating BUNA-N O-ring seals

• -25º F – 195º F temperature range

• 1/4” NPT air connections

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